Affiliate links

Where appropriate, I’ve used affiliate links in posts and pages. That means that if you click on the link and buy a product, I may get a tiny bit of cash as a thank you for the referral—at absolutely no additional cost to you. These payments are almost embarrassingly small, but maybe if I get enough of them they might help pay for a month or two of hosting this site.

So (hint, hint!) clicking through one of my links when you’re ready to purchase an item is a very simple way to support this site, again at absolutely no additional cost to you.

Product reviews

From time to time, I may get access to products for the purposes of writing a review. Absolutely any time this happens, I will disclose this at the bottom of the review—so you’ll always know. And I promise that I’ll always be honest and truthful with you in the review. I post reviews as a service to my readers, and that’s where my loyalty lies. You can count on that.